Breeze Pro Disposable – Pom Berry Mint

The Breeze Pro Pom Berry Mint is a delightful fruity blend of pomegranate and berries, topped off with an icy bite. It’s sure to become your new favorite flavor!

The Breeze Pro is an innovative disposable vape that offers a wide range of fruity flavors. It features a lightweight design and a draw-activated firing mechanism.


Pomegranate Mint Breeze Pro combines the flavors of tangy exotic pomegranates with refreshing berry juice and a dash of cool mint. The e-liquid is complemented by the latest in vape technology from Breeze Smoke, including a high-performance mesh coil and Ice Cooling Technology, which provides an icy effect to the flavor that will leave you feeling as though you’ve breathed in fresh air on a breezy winter day.


Banana mint is a refreshing e-liquid flavor that combines creamy bananas with a cool, refreshing mint cloud. It is a great choice for anyone looking for an enjoyable vape experience, especially those who are new to disposable vapes.


Blueberry is a fruity flavor that evokes the scent of freshly picked berries. It is a delicious choice for those who like sweet flavors, but do not want them to be too sugary or overly artificial.

Lemon Mint

The Breeze Pro Pom Berry Mint is a tropical combination of juicy pomegranates and sweet berries infused with a minty coolness that will delight the tastebuds and make your vape experience one to remember.

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